We Have The Best Support Around

Any other questions?2019-10-10T13:44:04+01:00

We are always happy to assist you with your learning requirements, please contact us with any questions or ideas you have and we will do our best to make them happen: 01842 646017

I don’t see the course I need; can you offer tailored courses?2019-10-10T13:37:53+01:00

Yes, we can offer a fully customised service focused on your requirements. Please contact our technical team to discuss your individual needs: 01842 646017

Are you able to host my own courses on your LMS platform?2019-10-10T13:39:04+01:00

Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements: 01842 646017

Can I have my company’s branding on the learning platform?2019-10-10T13:37:04+01:00

Yes, we can tailor the e learning platform to your requirements, please contact our technical team to discuss your aspirations: 01842 646017

How will I be paid?2019-10-10T13:35:58+01:00

You will receive payment per learner you sign up depending on the number of essentials packs taken. You also receive the same payment every 12 months for as long as the license is renewed. Please contact us to discuss our generous commission terms in more detail: 01842 646017

Will I receive reports on learner progress?2019-10-10T13:33:33+01:00

No, we do produce these reports but they go directly to your clients on a monthly basis.

I have sold your essentials packs to a client; how much admin is required?2019-10-10T13:31:52+01:00

There is no further admin for you after the initial sign up paperwork is completed. The Learning Tank take over all admin and support until renewal.

How do I become a reseller?2019-10-10T13:30:18+01:00

We work closely with our resellers and carefully select consultants that fit in with our philosophy. In the first instance please email resellers@thelearningtank.com including your company name, website (if applicable) and information on the services you currently offer your clients. One of our senior team will then contact you to discuss how we can work together.

What is gamification and do you provide it?2019-10-10T13:24:36+01:00

Yes, gamification is the application of game playing elements to encourage engagement, learners on our platform can attain points and badges as they progress through their learning journey.

Can I access the training platform from my phone or tablet?2019-10-10T13:21:49+01:00

Yes, The Learning Tank platform is available on all commonly used devices. We recommend that you view courses in landscape mode when using anything other than a PC or laptop.

How do I know the training remains compliant as legislation changes?2019-10-10T13:19:56+01:00

Although it is your organisation’s responsibility to ensure it is compliant, and keep up with relevant changes to regulations, we try to update the content as soon as we are aware of compliance changes. We will notify you by email of any changes and reset the learner progress to prompt them to re-sit the course. If you notice something is not quite right in one of our courses, we welcome you to contact us on 01842 646 017

Can I leave before I have finished a course?2019-10-10T13:14:38+01:00

Yes, your progress will be saved, and you can revisit later, continuing from where you left off.

What happens if I lose my log in details?2019-10-10T13:15:29+01:00

On the login screen, just click “forgotten your password?” and we will email password reset instructions. alternatively you can email support@thelearningtank.com

Do I need to contact you to renew each year?2019-10-08T15:48:33+01:00

The contract you hold with us is a rolling 12 month contact so if you are happy to renew then you don’t need to do a thing.

Can I cancel my rolling subscription?2019-10-08T15:46:35+01:00

We would hate to see you go, but in the event that you wished to cancel, you would need to give 30 days’ notice prior to your annual renewal date. Just send an email with your notice to support@thelearningtank.com

Can I add new learners as staffing changes?2019-10-08T15:42:28+01:00

Yes, talk to one of our experienced staff members who will talk you through your requirements.

Can I add another essentials pack halfway through the 12 month subscription?2019-10-08T15:42:40+01:00

Yes, we would advise you on the most cost effect way of doing this.

Are there any additional charges?2019-10-08T15:40:31+01:00

No, we pride ourselves in transparent pricing so the price you see is what you pay, this includes the learner’s full access to the essential pack for the yearly subscription price and monthly updates to managers on their progress.