ROI (%) = ((Monetary benefit – Training Cost)/Training Cost) x 100

ROI (%) = ((Monetary benefit – Training Cost)/Training Cost) x 100 That’s quite a sum isn’t it? How you calculate your return on investment may be different but, let’s be honest it’s the answer to this sum that drives all forward-thinking businesses and makes them top of their game. For smaller companies there is often

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I’m not mentioning the “C” word ?

I’m not mentioning the “C” word ? We all know what is happening around the world and I’m sure many of you are worried about how this is going to impact your family, friends, and life in general. Businesses are, where possible allowing their staff to work from home and the roads are quieter: so,

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Show Your Team Some Love ( but not in a creepy way! )

Show your team some love (but not in a creepy way) With valentine’s day just around the corner I thought I would look into why many employees don’t feel the love. Whilst we are all busy and have jobs to do your team need to know that you appreciate their efforts and recognise the contribution

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Learning Technologies – London 2020

Learning Technologies is Europe's leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work. And it continues to grow in importance, value and attendance year on year.   This year the show will be at London's ExCel Exhibition Centre and we cannot wait. We will be catching up with our L

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