ROI (%) = ((Monetary benefit – Training Cost)/Training Cost) x 100

That’s quite a sum isn’t it? How you calculate your return on investment may be different but, let’s be honest it’s the answer to this sum that drives all forward-thinking businesses and makes them top of their game.

For smaller companies there is often a reluctance to invest in training their teams, they may see it as a waste of money and if they are making a profit why bother? Health and Safety compliance training is of course necessary, but why go further than that?  The answer: Because your team is the biggest asset you have and without them would your business survive?

Let’s look at the monetary benefit part of this equation

  • Training improves productivity
  • Improves customer satisfaction and the quality of the services you provide
  • Less injuries or accidents
  • Less lost workdays from staff accidents
  • Fewer compensation pay-outs
  • Slower staff turnover
  • Ensures regulatory compliance so avoids fines

Our training costs are transparent, there are no hidden extras so you will know exactly what your staff development will cost before you start. Our health and safety compliance pack, for example, is £30 per learner for a full year of access to the training including any legislation changes so your company always remains compliant


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