The Future of Training

Things are tentatively getting back to some semblance of normality following lock down but, life will never be the same again. I hope that some of the things that have happened over the last 6 months carry on and we all remember the lessons learned during this time. The sense of community that has emerged, speaking to your neighbours, reaching out to those in need, admitting that you are finding life difficult and appreciating friends and family like never before are all things I personally will be taking out of this pandemic. I think we will all take from this awful experience some valuable life lessons, things we probably already knew but pushed to the back of our minds as not important have now become the most important things in this current crisis. We are all in this together and I for one hope that this sentiment carries on, it’s nice to be nice.

I am not here to philosophise on the state of our country, but to talk about the future and how we see training and staff development evolving in the months and years ahead. Your team are, I am sure, feeling concerned about the future and what it may hold for your company and of course their jobs. Staff development has a vital role to play in the growth of your business, retaining good team members has always been pivotal, but now more than ever, to the success of your business.

Whilst sometimes face to face training is the only way to train your team, a lot of what is delivered at the moment could be easily translated into an online course, many of our clients are surprised at how easy it is and how effective the results are. The cost savings can be huge and not only that with travel restricted, social distancing and businesses closed, the very fact that learners can log in from home is a huge bonus, it not only allows learners to continue with their training but also allows a business to reach their training targets, maybe sooner than they would have done.  But what about when this is all over? Why should companies continue with online training?

  • Cost – This is a big consideration for all businesses when planning training. The cost of travel, accommodation, venue hire, loss of team members whilst they are training, not to mention the cost of the training delivery itself can all add up to a hefty bill. With online training costs are considerably lower. You will also know exactly what the fixed cost will be before the training is delivered. I am sure some managers have been shocked at the expenses claimed during a traditional training seminar.
  • Effective – One of the issues with face to face training is retention. If your delegates are having a tough time, did not sleep the night before, had a row with their partner or just not in the mood the retention of information drops massively. With online training it can be done as and when the delegate feels they are in the correct frame of mind for learning which means that your training does not fall on deaf ears.
  • Environmentally responsible – The environmental cost of moving a lot of people to one place compared to them all staying where they are is huge and when you add to that the cost of printing handouts, teaching notes and other material it’s no surprise that you can see an 80% reduction in CO2 production alone.

Why not start the future now and see if The Learning Tank can adapt your training to an engaging, interactive, cost-effective and comprehensive e learning experience?