Back to Work

Getting everyone back to work is going to be a challenge for all employers. The current advise is still to work for home where possible but, with careful planning and preparation many employers will be working towards safely getting their teams back into the work environment safely getting their teams back into the work environment.  

You have covered the physical changes you can made to the work environment, allowing for social distancing and team safety.

But what about the team itself?   

Everyone will be wanting to catch with their colleagues. They will of course want to share their lock down stories, who did what, how many rooms they painted at home ?, what they have achieved in the garden ? and of course checking on how their colleague’s families are doing. ?‍?‍?‍?  

We actively encourage teams to feel bonded so all this great BUT, it can be difficult to get back into work mode. With teams that have been furloughed for months a short period of adjustment may be needed. Some of your team may be thrilled to be back and raring to go ?, whilst for others it may be a worrying time, they could be concerned about the risks of being exposed to others or they may find that they struggle to get back into the swing of the work routine. ?

As a responsible employer you could use that time to offer your team an e learning course. This encourages the team to start thinking about their role again. ?  

Times are going to be tough for the next few years and you may feel that now isn’t the time to be investing in staff development, of course we feel differently, and I’ll tell you why: 

  • Trained staff are more productive  
  • Promotes safe ways of working preventing lost revenue and staff absence.  
  • More team engagement  
  • Morale improves greatly ?‍♂️, contributing to your business’s success 
  • Great return on investment, new ways of working means that the team are far more effective in their roles. ? 

With training starting at £30 per learner per year it’s really not as expensive as you think! 

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