I’m not mentioning the “C” word ?

We all know what is happening around the world and I’m sure many of you are worried about how this is going to impact your family, friends, and life in general. Businesses are, where possible allowing their staff to work from home and the roads are quieter: so, it’s not all bad! The shops are empty, and people are stockpiling loo rolls and hand sanitiser ?. I am sure if everyone is less selfish and a little kinder to others, we will survive this latest crisis.

We have been sharing our Pandemic Awareness course for free with our LinkedIn contacts and clients and they are all very impressed with it, we have included a final chapter on the latest advice on how to deal with this virus (still not saying the “C” word?). There is so much misinformation out there, so we wanted to make sure that the correct information was available.

Feedback received stated that:

“Having all of the links to the government and NHS websites in one place was extremely helpful” 

“I was surprised how little I knew about the differences between pandemics and epidemics”

“Been washing my hands to “Happy Birthday?” since completing the course”

We feel that the current situation is going to make businesses think about their working and training practices in the future. Training providers are switching to elearning to help prevent the spread in this delay phase but many of us in the industry believe this will continue when the virus is all but a distant memory. The benefits of switching to elearning are many, firstly the cost to the environment: A recent study by the Open University found that when compared to face to face training, switching to elearning cuts CO2 emissions by approximately 80% and energy consumption by 90%. It helps to improve staff morale and retention, extends your training budget and can be done remotely.

Have you thought about adapting your classroom-based training to online? Our talented team can build bespoke courses to your individual requirements. Contact the team to discuss this or any of our other Uncomplicated, Cost-effective and Comprehensive training packs.