Show your team some love (but not in a creepy way)

With valentine’s day just around the corner I thought I would look into why many employees don’t feel the love. Whilst we are all busy and have jobs to do your team need to know that you appreciate their efforts and recognise the contribution they make to your business.


  • Appreciation has come up time and again when we speak to members of staff in companies we have worked with. If they feel like their work goes unrecognized and their ideas are often neglected, it can be demoralizing, defeating and frustrating. As human beings, we all want to be patted on the back for hard work — and, moreover, we want to be treated and paid fairly for that work.


  • Another reason they may not be feeling loved is the lack of opportunities for development or progression. Good employees often quit when they feel like they’re not sufficiently growing and learning. If they feel like they are stuck in a dead-end job with no growth opportunities or even mentors or training programs to help them advance their career, they may feel that the only option may be to move to a new company entirely.


  • Lack of goals, we all need to know what we are aiming for, without goals how do we know where we are going? The same applies to your team, feeling challenged and celebrating them reaching their set goals will not only improve productivity but also shows you are taking an interest in them.


  • Its true what they say people leave their bosses not necessarily their job. Being a good manager takes work, staying connected with your team and being their champion in good times and bad. Ensuring you support your staff, offering training and encouragement when needed will not only mean your team are feeling the love but productivity will increase.


  • This one is slightly different, but ties in quite nicely. Just one disengaged employee is costing your company approx. 1/3 of their yearly salary! So if you have a member of staff on £24,000 they are costing the company £8,000 per year in lost productivity. And In a recent Linked in report 94% of employees said they would stay with their employer if they invested in some training or staff development. For a fraction of that lost £8,000 we could help you spread the love with our cost effective, comprehensive and un-complicated e Learning!


If you would like to know more, pop an email to me  – and I will be more than happy to talk you through our lovely E-Learning packs.