Looking Ahead

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are looking to wind down and relax. We’ve all had a busy year and at the moment next year’s issues seem a long way off, something to worry about after the festive season is over.  Nobody likes a party pooper but there’s something you should bear in mind.

On average 25% of employees are already looking for that next challenge, what would that mean to your business? Scary thought isn’t it? We all have those key members of staff who go above and beyond in their role, who work harder and longer than some others. How would you replace that team member? There are many reasons for staff moving on, some of which you have no control over.  You have control over other factors and what you chose to do can change the course of their careers and your business.

Why do staff leave?

One main reason for staff leaving their jobs is feeling undervalued, this can come in many forms, not getting the promotion they wanted, not being recognised for the great work they do, wanting a pay rise and many more.

What can you do about it?

We are pretty sure that your staff members don’t say “I’m going to look for a new job because I want more training”, however, research has shown that this is a factor that can have a huge impact in their decision-making process. Training not only reinforces your confidence in your team, but it can also give them a sense of self-worth that very often has a longer-lasting impact than a small pay rise.

Here’s another great reason for investing in your team: It increases productivity, makes them look at your processes in a more structured way and the additional knowledge they gain aids the success of your business. We firmly believe that good leadership and management create effective organisations, which builds social and economic prosperity which let’s face it this is what we are all striving to achieve.

What about new Employees?

A recent study found that a team member starting a new role often faces extra challenges, and over a quarter (27%) report taking four months or more to work to the best of their ability, with 10% taking seven months or longer. Demonstrating the impact of training on performance, the study found that people who didn’t receive training at this critical time are over eight times more likely to say that they still don’t feel able to work to the best of their ability after seven months, compared to those that did receive training.

So, while you have your mind on presents for your family, turkey or even the Christmas party why not give your team an additional gift, invest in them, make them feel supported, valued and give them the tools to succeed and excel.

Richard Branson has been quoted as saying “ Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

This sums our philosophy up brilliantly, which is why we offer cost-effective, comprehensive and uncomplicated E-learning. We believe that quality training and staff development should be available for all organisations. We make each of our courses detailed and comprehensive which keeps learners stimulated and engaged. You never know it may also be the thing that keeps them away from the job boards.

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